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My name is Ola Mubaslat owner of Ola's Garden; and I am in love with colors and details

With my background in graphic design, applied arts and handcrafts; always believed that I can understand human need for beauty and creativity.

I spent almost 12 years of my life working in graphic design until I decided to start my own gallery/workshop, I gathered all my skills in arts and crafts in one place where I can work, show my pieces and enjoy life; I opened my secret garden in an inspiring peaceful amazing street called Khirfan Street the oldest street in Amman that overlooks downtown Amman and … life has been amazing since then

My recent style reflects an interest in nature, heritage and calligraphy, I design directly from life, reflecting ideas about nature movement, structure and growth of organic forms, my designing method is meditation in nature through patience and observation. But it is also necessary for me to work with details; I have learned to balance my career as a designer with my need to be an artist

My method in design is meditation in details through patience and observation, designing directly from life, committed to design rather than trends, with nature loving spirit that captures the essences

A normal stone you find near the street covered with dust can become a unique piece, I believe every object, every existence in this world holds a great power, some times all it needs is a little varnishing cleaning or framing and some understanding.

Step into my world where pieces vary from jewelry, scarves, sculpture, panting, and mosaic to embroidery and many many more. Each piece is original and one of a kind designed and made by me to unusual spirits.

The good news is … my secret is no secret anymore.

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Address: Jabal Amman - 60 Khirfan Street Amman, Jordan
Opening Time: 11:00 AM To 6:30 PM - 6 days a week - off day: only Tuesday
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