Royalty الشركة الملكية المتخصصة لإدارة النفقات والخدمات التأمينية الطبية

 Providing medical insurance services

• Medical approval service around the clock

• Medical network service

• Customer and customer service

• Many other services

Management of medical insurance expenses and services:

1- Follow-up of emergency cases and flying ambulance cases.

2 - Follow-up cases of admission of the patient to the hospital or any treatments received outside the hospital electronically.

3. Follow-up of the results of laboratory tests and radiation.

4. Develop a database for participants and patients.

5 - Auditing medical claims received from Jordanian hospitals.

6 - giving the necessary approvals (24 hours / 7 days).

7 - work programs to manage the services of medical integrated (health insurance fund)

8 - Coverage of medical treatment with the best medical service and the lowest price.

9. Issuing a health insurance card for the beneficiary.

10 - Delivery of special medical forms for treatment without payment of any amounts by the insured to the medical entity

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

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