Association of Hadith and modern revival

Association of Hadith and modern revival
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Work Sample 6

Work Sample 6

Address:   Amman - Sports City - opposite the martyr - next to the traffic park trafficˈtrafik تعريفات traffic اسم vehicles moving on a road or public highway. a stream of heavy traffic مرادفات: vehicles, cars, trucks the action of dealing or trading in something illegal. the traffic in stolen cattle مرادفات: trade, trading, trafficking, dealing, commerce, business, buying and selling, smuggling, bootlegging, black market, dealings, transactions فعل deal or trade in something illegal. the government will vigorously pursue individuals who traffic in drugs مرادفات: trade (in), deal (in), do business in, buy and sell, smuggle, bootleg, run, push انظر أيضًا traffic jam, traffic light, traffic lights, heavy traffic, traffic sign, traffic accident, traffic congestion, traffic signal, air traffic control, air traffic controller ترجمات traffic اسم مرور passage, traffic, passing, transit, bypassing حركة السير traffic الحركة الجوية traffic تجارة trade, trading, commerce, business, traffic, merchandise حركة سكة الحديد traffic تجارة غير شروعة traffic فعل هرب escape, flee, traffic, run away, elope, run off تاجر trade, deal, merchandise, sell, commercialize, traffic إشتغل بتجارة غير مشروعة traffic روح و يجئ traffic
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