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Welcome to Jordan Index
Jordan Business & Trade Index was established in July of 2008. The Jordan Business & Trade Index has more than 15000 listings per year of businesses and traders throughout Jordan.

To Our Advertisers:
No matter where you are located, the Jordan-Index facilitates being found. Send your message to your customer. Basic information (name, number and location); A1 (name, number, location and your logo); or make a statement (name, number, location, logo and send your message) with a larger add. The bigger the message the longer your reach.

The Jordan-Index is designed for you to rely on more than just walk in business. When you advertise with us you are reaching over 100,000 Companies, Offices, Retail and Wholesale Traders, Families and Individuals. Through Publication and on the Internet through our website.
Make it easy to be found with the Jordan-Index.

To Our Readers:
Find what you need, when you need it. Save time, travel and money. In our growing cities it is becoming more and more difficult to go out and find the businesses, products and services you need. Instead of going out and getting caught in traffic, not finding that specific product and wasting valuable time. Use the Jordan-Index and Call before you go. Our advertisers respect your valuable time. Use the Jordan-Index publication or the Jordan-Index Website, to find what you need, when you need it.